The Courage To Fail - Abstract


So often people talk about having the courage to succeed but not too many people talk about having the courage to fail, even though it is through failures that we gain the knowledge necessary and to become the best version of ourselves, and when we are the best versions of ourselves that are when we make the biggest impact in the world. 


Failures have many faces, from a minor stumble that we can easily recover from falling deeper than we have ever known possible, but all failures have lessons that can project us into manifesting our deepest and greatest desires. Our society grooms us to highlight our successes and hide the journey of peaks and valleys that it took to get there. I will challenge the audience to question this current practice and venture into authenticity and vulnerability.   


I will discuss how to recover from the different types of failures and how to pivot those failures onto a launchpad for success. Success looks different for each person, for some, it is career-driven, for others it is personal. No matter what the dream, or what the goal the feelings associated with success are often the same and is what fills our internal needs and desires to make a difference. We will discuss how these feelings can become building blocks to drive setting and meeting goals fearlessly.


Finally, we will go through a four-step process on how to examine our failures to find the lessons needed to learn and how that new information can be used to benefit not only ourselves but those around us. The audience will leave with practical take-a-ways on how to embrace their next failure. 


The speaking time around this is typically 20-25 minutes but can be adapted to accommodate shorter or longer talking time frames.